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eusdoteus29.16 €doteus Policy
mobidotmobi29.65 €dotmobi Policy
livedonuts29.65 €donuts Policy
hivuniregistry294.64 €uniregistry Policy
caruniregistry3,286.12 €
securitycentralnic3,286.12 €
carsuniregistry3,286.12 €uniregistry Policy
autouniregistry3,286.12 €
incdotinc3,286.12 €
protectioncentralnic3,286.12 €
barcelonadotbarcelona30.37 €
tipsdonuts30.73 €donuts Policy
systemsdonuts30.73 €donuts Policy
soygoogle30.73 €google Policy
inkcentralnic31.94 €centralnic Policy
xn--vuq861b31.94 €
sxdotsx31.94 €
spreadbettingdotspreadbetting32,849.08 €dotspreadbetting Policy
scotdotscot32.79 €dotscot Policy
tiroldottirol32.79 €dottirol Policy
sucksdotco327.55 €dotco Policy
xn--3ds443g329.85 €
xn--czru2d329.85 €
xn--hxt814e329.85 €
moviedonuts329.85 €donuts Policy

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and re-calculated on the first of each month.