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Registering a domain is the start. We make the rest simple.

As an example, upon registering the domain the domain is automatically connected to our parking page. The allows for immediate approval by registries that require the internet configuration is completed before finalizing the registration.

Our easy to use Control Center puts everything at your fingertips. Our Dashboard show the latest activity and upcoming domain renewals. In the Control Center you can also register or transfer new domains and manage all aspects of your account.

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Are you a web designer, ad agency or website provider looking to offer your customers more capabilities without additional costs?

You can provide your customers direct access to the management of their domains as well as registering new domains. This allows your customers to directly perform address or telephone number changes, or even updating the DNS if they wish.

Our templating systems help reduce the administrative efforts for registering and maintaining your domains as well as those of your customer domains.

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The business of DomainVendor is focused on domains and providing users a central and simplified way to manage them.

Understanding and implementing the technical requirements to register and maintain domains is our expertise. We do this for you in the background and provide an easy to use web user interface to use.

Today with our free Domain Parking Program you can find buyers from domains you no longer require. In the future we will be adding new functionality to expand these capabilities.