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co.nzdotconz0.12 €
nzdotconz0.12 €
kiwidotkiwi0.12 €dotkiwi Policy
seatdotseat0.36 €
bank1,091.18 €
votingdotvoting1,325.07 €dotvoting Policy
kidotki1,614.50 €
reit1,615.59 €
nfdotnf1,808.22 €
xn--q9jyb4c1,855.54 €
nagoyagmo10.04 €gmo Policy
ryukyugmo.jpy10.04 €gmo.jpy Policy
okinawagmo.jpy10.04 €gmo.jpy Policy
tokyogmo10.04 €gmo Policy
yokohamagmo10.04 €gmo Policy
casadotcasa10.16 €dotcasa Policy
givesdonuts10.16 €donuts Policy
charitydonuts10.16 €
workdotwork10.16 €dotwork Policy
namegnr10.65 €gnr Policy
coopdotcoop104.79 €dotcoop Policy
cmdotcm105.39 €
agdotag106.00 €
hostcentralnic106.00 €centralnic Policy
creditdonuts107.09 €donuts Policy

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and re-calculated on the first of each month.