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seatdotseat0.36 €
bank1,047.13 €
votingdotvoting1,271.47 €dotvoting Policy
kidotki1,549.16 €
reit1,550.25 €
nfdotnf1,735.14 €
lottoafilias1,936.97 €afilias Policy
catdotcat1.45 €dotcat Policy
namegnr10.16 €gnr Policy
chswitch10.29 €
liswitch10.29 €switch Policy
oneneustar.ngtld10.53 €neustar.ngtld Policy
orgpir10.65 €pir Policy
coopdotcoop100.55 €dotcoop Policy
hostcentralnic101.64 €centralnic Policy
agdotag101.64 €
golddonuts102.73 €donuts Policy
xn--fjq720a102.73 €
doctordonuts102.73 €
xn--unup4y102.73 €
creditdonuts102.73 €donuts Policy
tiresdonuts102.73 €donuts Policy
loansdonuts102.73 €donuts Policy
accountantsdonuts102.73 €donuts Policy
reisedonuts102.73 €donuts Policy

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and re-calculated on the first of each month.