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kiwidotkiwi0.12 €dotkiwi Policy
co.nzdotconz0.12 €
nzdotconz0.12 €
seatdotseat0.36 €
bank1,143.09 €
votingdotvoting1,387.99 €dotvoting Policy
kidotki1,691.22 €
reit1,692.31 €
nfdotnf1,894.13 €
shopdotshop10.41 €
usneustar10.41 €
casadotcasa10.65 €dotcasa Policy
workdotwork10.65 €dotwork Policy
liswitch10.77 €switch Policy
chswitch10.77 €
sbdotsb101.64 €
filmneustar.ngtld102.85 €neustar.ngtld Policy
physioneustar.ngtld102.85 €neustar.ngtld Policy
cmdotcm105.39 €
coopdotcoop109.75 €dotcoop Policy
nagoyagmo11.01 €gmo Policy
ryukyugmo.jpy11.01 €gmo.jpy Policy
okinawagmo.jpy11.01 €gmo.jpy Policy
tokyogmo11.01 €gmo Policy
yokohamagmo11.01 €gmo Policy

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and re-calculated on the first of each month.