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tennisdonuts54.69 €donuts Policy
villasdonuts54.69 €donuts Policy
surgerydonuts54.69 €donuts Policy
hospitaldonuts54.69 €
alsacedotalsace53.36 €dotalsace Policy
sydneyneustar.aud52.76 €neustar.aud Policy
melbourneneustar.aud52.76 €neustar.aud Policy
pedotpe52.51 €
mxdotmx52.51 €
parisdotparis52.15 €dotparis Policy
pldotpl5.93 €
infoafilias5.69 €afilias Policy
cyoucentralnic5.32 €
nrwdotnrw49.73 €dotnrw Policy
aerodotaero49.13 €dotaero Policy
mortgagedonuts49.13 €donuts Policy
christmasuniregistry49.13 €uniregistry Policy
forexdotforex49.13 €dotforex Policy
gsdotgs49.13 €
fandonuts49.13 €
degreedonuts49.13 €donuts Policy
feedbackcentralnic485.57 €centralnic Policy
gameuniregistry485.57 €uniregistry Policy
hostinguniregistry485.57 €uniregistry Policy
juegosuniregistry485.57 €uniregistry Policy

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and re-calculated on the first of each month.