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barcentralnic88.57 €centralnic Policy
ticketscentralnic614.92 €centralnic Policy
unocentralnic28.07 €centralnic Policy
storecentralnic71.63 €
presscentralnic87.36 €centralnic Policy
bestcentralnic28.07 €centralnic Policy
observercentralnic14.64 €
rentcentralnic80.10 €
sitecentralnic36.54 €centralnic Policy
protectioncentralnic3,510.45 €
ooocentralnic36.54 €centralnic Policy
theatrecentralnic878.70 €
luxurycentralnic45.01 €centralnic Policy
funcentralnic28.07 €
storagecentralnic878.70 €
cncnnic15.97 €
medomen7.38 €
emaildonuts28.07 €donuts Policy
venturesdonuts59.53 €donuts Policy
attorneydonuts45.01 €donuts Policy
claimsdonuts59.53 €donuts Policy
navydonuts36.54 €donuts Policy
taxidonuts59.53 €donuts Policy
businessdonuts9.68 €donuts Policy
singlesdonuts36.54 €donuts Policy

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and re-calculated on the first of each month.