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protectioncentralnic3,239.41 €
ooocentralnic33.64 €centralnic Policy
luxurycentralnic41.50 €centralnic Policy
funcentralnic25.89 €
theatrecentralnic810.82 €
bondcentralnic4.48 €
bestcentralnic25.89 €centralnic Policy
storagecentralnic810.82 €
onlinecentralnic41.50 €centralnic Policy
fanscentralnic13.43 €centralnic Policy
barcentralnic81.68 €centralnic Policy
restcentralnic41.50 €centralnic Policy
realtycentralnic454.60 €
websitecentralnic33.64 €centralnic Policy
hostcentralnic106.24 €centralnic Policy
camcentralnic11.74 €
inkcentralnic31.46 €centralnic Policy
cncnnic14.64 €
medomen19.97 €
loansdonuts123.06 €donuts Policy
flightsdonuts62.68 €donuts Policy
attorneydonuts66.07 €donuts Policy
churchdonuts45.98 €donuts Policy
irishdonuts23.60 €donuts Policy
shoppingdonuts33.64 €

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and re-calculated on the first of each month.