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audiouniregistry161.78 €uniregistry Policy
flowersuniregistry161.78 €uniregistry Policy
propertyuniregistry161.78 €uniregistry Policy
versicherungdotversicherung174.36 €dotversicherung Policy
casinodonuts177.27 €donuts Policy
clubdotco18.03 €dotco Policy
marketsdotmarkets18.15 €dotmarkets Policy
vipdotvip18.15 €
medomen18.51 €
bizneulevel19.36 €neulevel Policy
desicentralnic19.72 €centralnic Policy
miami19.72 €
moedotco19.72 €dotco Policy
luxedotluxe19.72 €dotluxe Policy
istafilias.ngtld19.72 €
appgoogle19.72 €
gdn19.72 €
ripdonuts19.72 €donuts Policy
lottoafilias2,007.03 €afilias Policy
richafilias.ngtld2,809.50 €afilias.ngtld Policy
sexyuniregistry2,900.25 €uniregistry Policy
nudotnu20.45 €
africadotafrica20.57 €dotafrica Policy
creditcarddonuts201.59 €donuts Policy
ludotlu21.18 €

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and re-calculated on the first of each month.