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tattoouniregistry48.88 €uniregistry Policy
taipeidotco23.47 €dotco Policy
systemsdonuts34.49 €donuts Policy
sydneyneustar.aud53.48 €neustar.aud Policy
sxdotsx31.22 €
swissdotswiss139.39 €dotswiss Policy
surgerydonuts54.45 €donuts Policy
surfdotsurf33.40 €dotsurf Policy
supportdonuts30.01 €donuts Policy
supplydonuts33.40 €donuts Policy
suppliesdonuts26.74 €donuts Policy
sucksdotco320.05 €dotco Policy
styledonuts41.14 €donuts Policy
studydotco33.40 €dotco Policy
studiodonuts40.05 €donuts Policy
streamdotco7.74 €
storecentralnic65.46 €
storagecentralnic803.80 €
srlafilias.ngtld42.23 €afilias.ngtld Policy
spreadbettingdotspreadbetting32,101.66 €dotspreadbetting Policy
sportdotsport359.98 €
spacecentralnic33.40 €centralnic Policy
soygoogle30.01 €google Policy
solutionsdonuts33.40 €donuts Policy
solardonuts65.46 €donuts Policy

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and re-calculated on the first of each month.