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brusselsdotbrussels36.42 €dotbrussels Policy
buildcentralnic85.31 €centralnic Policy
buildersdonuts35.21 €donuts Policy
businessdonuts14.04 €donuts Policy
buzzneustar.ngtld43.32 €neustar.ngtld Policy
bzdotbz29.28 €
cabdonuts35.21 €donuts Policy
cafedonuts43.32 €donuts Policy
camcentralnic12.34 €
cameradonuts35.21 €donuts Policy
campdonuts57.35 €donuts Policy
capetowndotcapetown17.42 €dotcapetown Policy
capitaldonuts57.35 €donuts Policy
caruniregistry3,383.28 €
cardsdonuts35.21 €donuts Policy
caredonuts35.21 €donuts Policy
careerdotcareer126.08 €dotcareer Policy
careersdonuts57.35 €donuts Policy
carsuniregistry3,383.28 €uniregistry Policy
casadotcasa10.65 €dotcasa Policy
cashdonuts35.21 €donuts Policy
casinodonuts168.07 €donuts Policy
catdotcat6.66 €dotcat Policy
cateringdonuts35.21 €donuts Policy
ccdotcc13.67 €

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and re-calculated on the first of each month.