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engineeringdonuts69.58 €donuts Policy
funddonuts69.58 €donuts Policy
cleaningdonuts69.58 €donuts Policy
golfdonuts69.58 €donuts Policy
holdingsdonuts69.58 €donuts Policy
pizzadonuts69.58 €donuts Policy
recipesdonuts69.58 €donuts Policy
expertdonuts69.58 €donuts Policy
coachdonuts69.58 €donuts Policy
nlsidn7.26 €
partydotco7.74 €dotco Policy
loandotco7.74 €
biddotco7.74 €dotco Policy
streamdotco7.74 €
bedotbe7.99 €
eueurid7.99 €
catdotcat7.99 €dotcat Policy
lgbtafilias70.66 €afilias Policy
tennisdonuts70.66 €donuts Policy
museumdotmuseum71.51 €dotmuseum Policy
collegecentralnic74.05 €centralnic Policy
dentaldonuts74.05 €donuts Policy
rentcentralnic74.05 €
legaldonuts74.05 €donuts Policy
acdotac74.05 €

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and re-calculated on the first of each month.