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inkcentralnic5.45 €centralnic Policy
institutedonuts23.35 €donuts Policy
insuredonuts59.53 €donuts Policy
internationaldonuts23.35 €donuts Policy
investmentsdonuts116.40 €donuts Policy
iodotio58.32 €
irishdonuts18.15 €donuts Policy
istafilias.ngtld21.66 €
istanbulafilias.ngtld28.07 €
itdotit8.59 €
jetztdonuts23.35 €donuts Policy
jewelrydonuts59.53 €donuts Policy
jobsdotjobs168.43 €dotjobs Policy
joburgdotjoburg18.15 €dotjoburg Policy
juegosuniregistry527.80 €uniregistry Policy
kaufendonuts36.54 €donuts Policy
kidotki1,754.74 €
kimafilias23.60 €afilias Policy
kitchendonuts59.53 €donuts Policy
kiwidotkiwi40.17 €dotkiwi Policy
koelndotkoeln19.72 €dotkoeln Policy
kyotodotkyoto69.58 €dotkyoto Policy
landdonuts36.54 €donuts Policy
latdotlat36.54 €dotlat Policy
lawdotlaw133.34 €dotlaw Policy

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and re-calculated on the first of each month.